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Crashing Down to Earth (Part One)

Crashing Down to Earth (Part One) - Terry Reid Reid has created a world in which angels and humans exist in tandem. In fact, what makes Reid's mythology unique is that some human souls are brought forth from their angel counterparts.

Alex and Haley are interesting characters. Their relationship is believable and well thought out.

The only negative I can bring up is that the omniscient POV wasn't very clear to me and I found myself easily confused at different points in the story. But, this might just be the way I read it.

Fun story.


Libriomancer - Jim C. Hines I know it's cliche to say a book is a breath of fresh air, but I can't for the life of me find another phrase that accurately describes how I feel about this one. From the author's world of being able to pull magically created items out of books to his fresh take on various breeds of vampires created, not by evolution or a virus, but from the minds of authors themselves, I find myself completely taken away by this world. I cannot wait to read the next one.

And, I have to say, Smudge is completely adorable for a spider that can engulf himself in flames. :)

NOT A BOOK: One For Sorrow, Two For Joy

NOT A BOOK: One For Sorrow, Two For Joy - NOT A BOOK This book is a clear violation of copyright. The author has stolen numerous paragraphs, names, and plot points from S.A. Meade's "Tumbleweed".

I sincerely hope that the publisher takes it down soon.

Ghost Memory (A Thulukan Chronicles Story, #1)

Ghost Memory (A Thulukan Chronicles Story, #1) - Maer Wilson Wilson's Ghost Memory is a fin, fast-paced read. Thulu and Fiona, college-age paranormal investigators on the hunt, are looking for money that was left behind behindwhen a ghost dies, not remembering where he hid it before his death.

Full of the charm of new discovery discovery and a great introduction to the characters featured in Wilson's Relics, this story will lead you to want more.

White Chalk

White Chalk - Pavarti K. Tyler Chelle is a thirteen-year-old from a severely dysfunctional family. Her home life makes being bullied at school almost preferable. She has no hope, and in her own mind, no future.

She gets a shot of hope when Troy comes into her life. He’s the first boy to really show her kindnesses she hadn’t had before. Unfortunately, Troy is older, and unbeknownst to Chelle, is not interested in her in a romantic way.

The chaos in Chelle’s life ramps up when she discovers that Troy has a girlfriend. Her shaky emotional hold on life causes her to do many things that she wouldn’t have otherwise. But, as the book moves forward, we discover that her emotional instability has deeper roots that have been growing for much longer than we, the reader, anticipate.

Don’t be fooled. This is not a light and puppy-dogs type of YA story. Full of grit and sadness, this is not a tale for the lighthearted.

That being said, I did find that some tropes in the story were a little cliche. One specific line concerning rape offended me, and may offend others. I’ll not state it here.

The book is well-written by a very talented writer.

Deadly Election

Deadly Election - Arthur Crandon Crandon has given us a vicious world of corruption and politics- not that we haven't seen it before, but here, we are given a look inside what political corruption is like in the Philippines.

You have your usual cronies, beautiful women who want power, and loyal servants. Added to the mix is also lots of action and behind the scenes views of what goes on behind closed doors with politicians.

I did get distracted now and then from some grammar mistakes that the editor should have caught. They were simple things that would have been an easy fix, however, this did not stop me from liking the book.

If you enjoy thrillers and political intrigue, this would be a good read for you.

Luna Sanguis

Luna Sanguis - Simon Okill Simon Okill has created a horrific tome dealing with vampires, mysticism, and sexual depravity.
Delicate Rose- a vampire, perhaps, who seeks freedom and solace is trapped by Count Lucian, a man who may or may not be a vampire. He considers himself a suckling- a vampire who has not yet been given eternal life. Chaos ensues when Rose is entered into an insane asylum and Lucian cannot deal with the separation, or does he?

The book jumps back and forth between different periods of time, which, for me, was confusing. Sometimes, I found myself having to go back and get my bearings straight. I tend to prefer my horror without a lot of sex, so with areas of this book verging on erotica, I wasn’t as engaged with the story as I would have liked. Still, though, Okill does have a command of language that is beautiful to read.

His web unravels slowly, taking you on a ride that makes you completely uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. Let’s just say that the ending is one heck of a surprise and leaves the reader shocked.

Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe

Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe - Simon Okill I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book. I'll be honest. I'm kind of a cynical person and not a huge fan of modern comedy. But, Simon's Bigfoot story was entertaining.

Were parts of the story gross? Yup. Were some of the characters kind of irritating? Yes. But they are supposed to be. Think Peter Griffin of Family Guy.

Duane, the bigfoot friend, is a strange goofy guy. And, with his care for the bigfoot, you just have to kind of love him. Not many people would deal with half the things the bigfoot do to his house.

And- the bigfoot are adorable in their own stinky way. I could have done without the graphic bigfoot mating acts, but being as they are animals, I can understand why Simon included that part of their lives.

Don't be fooled, this is an adult story with a capital A.

The Last Keeper's Daughter (Book 1 in The Last Keeper's Daughter Trilogy)

The Last Keeper's Daughter (Book 1 in The Last Keeper's Daughter Trilogy) - Rebecca Trogner Vampires having relationships with their servants isn't a new idea, but Trogner does it splendidly. The mystery surrounding her father's disappearance will keep you on the edge of your seat. Can't wait to read the next one.

Son of a Mermaid

Son of a Mermaid - Katie O'Sullivan Katie O'Sullivan has created a world of mermaids that anyone would love to visit. Her description of the Cape Cod area makes the reader feel like they are there, or have visited it for themselves. I found myself wanting to walk along the beach with Shae every morning.

Shae MacNamara is a well adjusted kid, who just happens to have one heck of a family secret- a secret he doesn't even know about until he has a goof with a trip into the Ocean. Half- merman, well, growing gills would freak out anyone.

Full of fantasy and adventure, partially set in a wonderful spot in the US, this is a great summer read.

I didn't want it to end, and honestly, I wish I had more than five stars to give this one.

Relics (The Thulukan Chronicles, #1)

Relics (The Thulukan Chronicles, #1) - Maer Wilson Wilson's Relics is an entertaining read. While her making angels the bad guys and daemons the good guys isn't something new, she introduces us to a wonderful daemon, Jones. His wit is rather charming and he could charm the cassock off a priest.

La Fi and Thulu are both likeable as the paranormal investigators.

Fun read here.

Hour of the Rat

Hour of the Rat - Lisa Brackmann Reading another story about Ellie was a joy for me. I enjoyed Year of the Tiger when I read it a few years ago, and Hour of the Rat does not disappoint. Expect twists. Expect violence and adventure. But, most of all, expect Brackmann's wonderful prose.

Speak of the Devil

Speak of the Devil - Shawna Romkey Shawna Romkey’s Speak of the Devil is not your usual YA romance. Yes, it involves angels and demons. Yes, she is in high school. But, the similarities end there.

Lily is a charming girl who, like many teens, doesn’t always see the amazing things she’s capable of. In this case, somehow coming back to life after a horrific car crash that kills off her friends.

Then, the supernatural really comes in. I don’t want to spoil the book in any way. Just know that you must read this book. Believe me, you won’t be sorry.

Blood Thirst

Blood Thirst - L. A. Freed This is one of my all-time favorite books. I read this book back in the 1980's when it first came out and I've re-read it many times since.

A vampire love story that stands the test of time with bits of myth and mystery about changelings.

Wonderful read.