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Angel Dreams (An Angel Falls) (Volume 2) - Jody A. Kessler

Being an Angel of Death has to be hard, but Nathaniel Evans handles it famously. Well, that is, until the love of his life, Juliana, is put in danger. Talk about a bad day.

Kessler has a way with letting you creep into her stories, slamming your head with situations that are unexpected, and then, the intensity sets in. If you like to have your heartstrings pulled while being on a rollercoaster of emotions, Kessler’s books are perfect for you.

I think Nathaniel is my favorite character. Complete book boyfriend for sure.

The Healer - Christoph Fischer

Christoph Fischer has a way with crafting a story that completely pulls you in and The Healer is no exception. Tackling the difficult subject of cancer combined with a plot full of alternative medicine, mystery, and intrigue, Fischer has created a web of a story that leads you down many roads. The last one at the end is a real mind-blower.


The cancer patient, Erica, is, at first, snarky and irritable, but as she goes through her progress in treatment, the real woman comes out and is very likable.


As usual, I am amazed with Fischer's storytelling. Bravo.

Murder Most Deadly - Simon Okill

Simon Okill has a...what do I want to call it? A way with words doesn't quite cover it. More like the ability to give us a splash of life not often seen. And, his Murder Most Deadly is no exception.


Full of technicolor images filled with gore, violence and comedy, this book is a must read for fans of Dead Alive and other horror comedies.


Simply, I loved the main character, Bianca. She is full of spunk and a bit of whimsy...well, when she's not committing murder that is. And, well, her brand of murder is entertaining to say the least.


I am totally on Team Okill.

Dead Is All You Get

Dead Is All You Get - Steven Ramirez Zombies? Check. Drama? Check. Fast-paced thrill ride? Hell, yes!

Steven Ramirez has created a post-apocalyptic landscape full of zombies that has everything The Walking Dead is trying to be. The biggest thing? Realism.

Dave is a great tortured hero who must live with the bad things he's done in his life. While trying to create a new life with his new girl, including an adopted daughter of sorts, Dave beats himself up because he can't be the perfect guy.

But, during a zombie apocalypse happens, you don't perfect, you need kick-ass. And Ramirez gives us this in droves.

So, for this awesome Halloween season, if you are in the mood for zombies, check out this series. You won't regret it.


Conditions -  Wanda Hartzenberg, Christoph Fischer, David Lawlor Christoph Fischer has written another wonderful, heartfelt story. This time, he explores the effects of bipolar disorder through the eyes of a family. Charles and his illness is painful to read. You can just imagine how difficult his life is, but he somehow pushes forward through his mother's death and funeral.

Charles' brother Tony, however, chooses to think Charles is lazy because of the way their mother treated the both of them growing up. Sadly, this comes to a head with his wife being obsessed with finances.

Charles' group of friends are very interesting, but out of them all, I really want to know what makes Simon tick.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in mental illness, wonderful stories, and a love for literature.

Capital D: Adult

Capital D: Adult - Ash Stone Nothing like a high tech thriller to brighten your day. Ash Stone leads us through a tale of two old friends who reunite after 15 years. Needless to say, there is some heat mixed into this story. :) Silka and Taber are simply wonderful. So, if you like spies and heat and well, an awesome thriller,
check this one out.

I finished reading Dr. Jan Pol's Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow last night. If you are a fan of The incredible Dr. Pol on NatGeo Wild, then I highly recommend it.

One, Two, Three

One, Two, Three - Elodie Nowodazkij One, Two, Three is an easy read-- that is if you know nothing about ballet. There is a certain reverence dancers have toward their art and they would never use ballet terms as allegory. I think the author was trying at add a bit of color, but in my opinion, this was a flawed move.

Still, though, she did a great job portraying the alcoholic mother and the strife Natalia went through. While this is meant also to be a romance, I would view it more as a coming of age story.

Cop Town

Cop Town - Karin Slaughter 1970′s. Atlanta. Race war or serial killer?

Maggie Lawson, twenty-three-year-old cop, is thrust into the mystery when her brother is almost killed by a man known as “The Shooter”. Maggie, of course, is concerned for her brother’s health– at least until things start not adding up.

Kate Murphy is a rookie officer who is more wet behind the ears than grown up. After her husband is killed in Vietnam, she is paired up with Maggie, who takes her under her wings.

When the two are given Maggie’s brother’s case to investigate, all hell breaks loose– literally.

Like Slaughter’s other books, this one is full of action, danger, and suspense. I, personally, was happy that she was so realistic in terms of the characterization of the 1970′s Atlanta residents.

Not for the faint of heart, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat– begging for more.

A Snake in the Grass (Jesse James Dawson) (Volume 4)

A Snake in the Grass (Jesse James Dawson) (Volume 4) - K. A. Stewart Oh goodness, what can I say about K.A. Stewart’s A Snake in the Grass? It’s amazing, action-filled, urban-fantasy deliciousness. With each installment of the Jesse James Dawson series, the stakes get higher and I just can’t get enough.

Axel is also back in his full glory. I can’t get into it much here because I don’t want to spoil things, but let’s just say we now know for sure who and what Axel is and it’s wonderful.

Stewart had set this up for a heck of a climax with the next book. Fans of Jim Butcher will love Jesse James Dawson. Long live “The Way.”

Five Freaking Awesome Stars

Blood of a Mermaid

Blood of a Mermaid - Katie O'Sullivan Blood of a Mermaid by Katie O'Sullivan is yet another wonderful book by this author. O'Sullivan has a way with her prose that seems to embody happiness.

The love story between Shame and Kae is fraught with angst and danger as the mermaid world changes beyond what they are ready for.

Her villains are dark and interesting. Her love story seems just right. I can't recommend this read highly enough.

Surviving the Angel of Death: The Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz

Surviving the Angel of Death: The Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz - Eva Mozes Kor, Lisa Rojany Buccieri Reading books by survivors of the Holocaust is always an enlightening experience. With each book, we learn something new about the atrocities and lives of the survivors and Surviving the Angel of Death is a great example.

This is the first time I've read a book co-written by a survivor of Dr. Mengele's experiments on twins. Eva's story is heart-wrenching, yet inspiring.

While this book is written for the YA audience, any scholar of WW II will learn things from this book. Highly recommended.

A Vampire's Promise

A Vampire's Promise - Carla Susan Smith I had a real problem with this story- it is entitled, A Vampire's Promise, but there is no promise. In fact, there isn't very much vampiric going on at all until the end of the book. For an avid vampire fan like me, the discovery is one of the most important parts of a PNR, but the author chose to not give us this bit of joy.

On the plus side, Gabriel is a hot number, though I wonder what type of vampire would hang out at a redneck bar, but that's his choice I suppose.

I finished the book wanting more action, more romantic details of their relationship, and more paranormal elements. I so wanted to love this book, but it just didn't do it for me.

**received a free arc copy from Netgalley for this review**

Dead in Bed: The Complete Novel (Real Love, #1)

Dead in Bed: The Complete Novel (Real Love, #1) - Bailey Simms Bailey Simms’, Dead in Bed, is a zombie-psycho-sexual-fantasy fueled with heart. At times, her voice reminded me of Diana Rowland and her White Trash Zombie series.

The MC, Ashley, is perfectly relatable. Her Husband drives me crazy. And, then there is the zombie goodness. Trust me- the very first indication that there is a zombie issue coming to light is not for the faint of heart. Well, women might be okay, but men, well, they will have a reaction I am sure.

Part of me wonders if Miss Simms plans on taking on other monsters after this. Her unique blend of humor and horror is a welcome change.

My Kind of Crazy

My Kind of Crazy - Katie O'Sullivan Katie O’Sullivan’s My Kind of Crazy is a wonderful new contemporary romance ready to pull at your heart strings. This story hit many sweet spots for me- a strong female lead, a hot man who isn’t too sensitive, and a puppy.

Kendall Roarke is a woman on a mission. Above all else, she’s trying to save her bed and breakfast after an awful divorce. Enter Jonathan Reynolds, a hot new divorcee who also happens to be the new town vet, and sparks begin to fly.

There are so many good things I can say about this book that there isn’t enough room to list them all, but the biggest thing that always stands out to me about O’Sullivan’s writing: she has this amazing ability to inject a beautiful sense of sweetness into her stories that is rarely seen today.

My Kind of Crazy is a great book to add to your summer reading list. I can’t wait to see what O’Sullivan comes up with next.

Karmic Krackers

Karmic Krackers - Dab10 This is an awesome collection of short stories with moral themes. What Dab 10 has managed to accomplish is to tell different vetsions of morality without being preachy.

Don't mistake this for being light reading, however. There is sex, violence, and foul language. There are stories that tells us about what happens to some child molesters and gang members.

I think my favorite part of the collection is the story of the angel or entity who helps carry out the good and the bad to those who deserve it.

Don't pass this one up. It's a wonderful afternoon read.