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Haven of Dante: The Staff of Moshe

Haven of Dante: The Staff of Moshe - Leonardo Ramirez Leonardo Ramirez's Haven of Dante: The Staff of Moishe is a very unusual book. Part sci-fi, part religious fiction, and part high fantasy, the story takes may twists and turns.

The Dante family's epic history falls to Haven Dante who must save the world from the creatures of the 9 levels of hell. Full of danger, the dead-beat (in personality) dad is irritating and horrible enough that you want to report him to CPS.

The one drawback of the book is that each chapter feels more like a separate book. Sometimes, a chapter based largely in the distant past is followed by one based far into the future and it left me feeling a little discombobulated.

Still though, Haven of Dante is definitely a read if you are looking for something different.