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Luna Sanguis

Luna Sanguis - Simon Okill Simon Okill has created a horrific tome dealing with vampires, mysticism, and sexual depravity.
Delicate Rose- a vampire, perhaps, who seeks freedom and solace is trapped by Count Lucian, a man who may or may not be a vampire. He considers himself a suckling- a vampire who has not yet been given eternal life. Chaos ensues when Rose is entered into an insane asylum and Lucian cannot deal with the separation, or does he?

The book jumps back and forth between different periods of time, which, for me, was confusing. Sometimes, I found myself having to go back and get my bearings straight. I tend to prefer my horror without a lot of sex, so with areas of this book verging on erotica, I wasn’t as engaged with the story as I would have liked. Still, though, Okill does have a command of language that is beautiful to read.

His web unravels slowly, taking you on a ride that makes you completely uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. Let’s just say that the ending is one heck of a surprise and leaves the reader shocked.